February 22, 2024

These talks and accounts are memoirs. It reflects the author’s -AUTHOR presented as "Dr. Rachel Levitch" presents recollections of experiences over time. Some names and characteristics have been changed, some events have been compressed, and some dialogue has been recreated. 

Writings depicts actual events in the life of the author -myself as Dr. Leitch- as truthfully as recollection permits and/or can be verified by research. Occasionally, dialogue consistent with the character or nature of the person speaking has been supplemented. All persons within are actual individuals; there are no composite characters. The names of some individuals have been changed to respect their privacy.

These writings are all represented as moments and depictions of my autobiography. It reflects the author's memories of their current experiences through time. Some names and features have been changed – sometimes- and other times not, some events have been summarized, and some dialogue has been recreated.

But memoirists like me often face a dilemma when writing "the whole truth, and nothing but the truth." Others could get hurt. The author could be sued, but what if that truth is essential to telling their story? How much should I reveal? The answer to this will determine whether names, characteristics, etc. need to be changed. I have been upfront and open to my audience and these changes:

  • This is a work of creative nonfiction. The events are portrayed to the best of Dr Rachel Levitch’s memory. While all the stories in this book are true, some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the people involved.
  • Other names have been protected by using terms like "ex", "husband", "dad" and "mother" to reflect as much as possible the event surrounding family dysfunction and a catalog of detail

Keep in mind: if I alter the narrative to make it more readable, I am inserted this more thorough selection of speech to ensure my disclaimer, covers everything:

  • Everything here is true, but it may not be entirely factual. In some cases, I have compressed events; in others I have made two people into one. I have occasionally embroidered. I learned early that the most important thing in life is a good story. ~ Dr. Rachel Levitch, WHFF Broadcast & Media

  • For all my bluster elsewhere, this is not a work of pure nonfiction. Many parts have been fictionalized in varying degrees, for various purposes. ~ Dr. Rachel Levitch, Posts, Books, social media and Digital Content and re-work creation)

Here are three key facts I hope we all want to remember as we read through my stories:

  • Experiencing abuse is not our fault. It’s our abuser’s fault for choosing to use abusive behaviors. We may feel that we should have noticed the signs of manipulation earlier, but it is simply the nature of such abuse that it’s difficult to recognize. This says nothing about our intelligence or intuition.

  • Every person has a right to live a life free from abuse. There are no acceptable reasons for someone to use abusive behaviors. We do not deserve to be subjected to, or need to continue to accept, aggression or behaviors that harm us or make us feel unsafe.

  • There is hope for getting out of this situation and there is hope in telling you memoirs so that other people can learn.  And finally, there is hope without the fear of being sued, quiet-ed or harassed for your account. . . Whoever we are, if we are in an abusive relationship, we deserve to get the help we need, and you deserve to document your story and ultimately create a safe space and place to tell whatever truth is of your account.


About Dr. Rachel-Leah:

Dr. Rachel-Leah Levitch has help clients through the metroplex and abroad with education and healthy spaces for growth for families. With any of her best-known products through the CID-EDU Scholastic Program individuals have gone from healing to healing and ultimately change their lives and the people in their lives.  The Cognitive Institute of Dallas⁠  [] and up-and-coming RaeBabeCo. International Skin Care and Clothing's line she is iconic for helping women transform and improve their status.  It is imperative in stating the pandemic has caused impeding factors for nonprofits and communities; 1 in 3 nonprofits are in financial jeopardy and volunteers are almost nonexistent.  These statistics are surmounting as an increase demand for nonprofit services skyrockets.  With Healthy Families First [WHFF] Broadcast & Media Launch and Dr. Levitch's community Broad leaders - they are here to change the infrastructure.

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